Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok! So San Diego is finally upon us!! Huzzah.

I'm heading down tomorrow from LA, and am looking forward to spending a large chunk of Thursday afternoon exploring the Indie booths and Artists' Alley. I've also FINALLY thrown together a *rough* schedule of panels I'm hoping to attend over Friday and Saturday (an event in itself).

Friday and Saturday's programme for me will be as follows:


11-12 - How-to with Chuk Wojtkiewicz: pencilled for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, now lead concept
artist at Blur Studios here in LA.
12-1 - Masterclass with Mike Mignola: Expressionistic Atmoshperes
2.30-3.30 - Focus Features: 9 (Steve Acker, Tim Burton, Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly)
6.30-7.30 - Entertainment Weekly: James Cameron and Peter Jackson


10-11 - How to Get a Job in Video Games
12-1 - Masterclass with Dave Gibbons: The Heroic Figure
1-2 - Masterclass with Jeff Smith: The Art of the Panel
2-3 - Drawing Lessons From Great Masters: Classic principles from great artists of early
20th Century comics and illustration.
4-5 - Paramount: Iron Man 2 (Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett
Johanssen, Mickey Rourke, Jon Favreau and Samuel L. Blackson.
6-7 - Digital Colour Styles and FX with Brian Miller

Sweet, right? A number of these involve bringing a sketchbook, so hopefully I'll have some sketches and samples to report back with next week!!!

See ya then!

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  1. That sounds fantastic. I would love to go to any number of those panels. The Dave Gibbons and Mike Mignola one sound particularly awesome.

    Try and get some movie producers interested in cancertown while your there :D