Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robots and Clowns and Awesome Chinese Steampunk Animation. And possibly Bears, oh my.

Yay! Finally some more stuff to post up. Clearly my 'five environment sketches in one week' didn't realy amount to anything. One might even say I produced nothing but a barren landscape... :-) *crickets*

...yes, one might say that. eh heh.

But other than committing heinous acts against the written word, I've suddenly found my free time to be taken over with character sketches. Partly because there's been a call for them and partly because... well, they're just easier to do. If you're lazy that is and don't mind doing them badly :-D

Nehoo, they are posted below.

In and amongst colouring Issue 1. of Average Joe (which is awesomely funny and has lovely art thanks Thomas Romeo and Kelvin Chan), I've started fiddling around with character designs for a children's project a friend is doing. It involves robots. And pirates. Need I say more? :-D Anyway, that's what the designs in the last image are for.

They turned out ok. I think the top right robot is a tad too Futurama influenced, and the bottom 'tank' looks like it was designed by a Japanese toy maker, but what the hey. It's a start! The other two character designs were just me playing around with a melancholic clown and a homeless mad hatter.

Anyway I'll leave it at that for today.

And with a final note... if you have a couple of minutes to spare then watch this. It's sweet. Beautiful production design.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Outline for this week: Four Exterior Concept Paintings. 

It was going to be five, but the above image took longer than anticipated. Which means I need to find a way to work faster in a manner that serves the painting if I'm going to successfully crank out another four pieces amongst various comic pages. The above is fine. I'm happy with the colours, composition and mood, but it would please me more if I could master the art of suggestive and expressive brushstrokes. Oh well, one down, three more to go...