Sunday, December 21, 2008


It’s another snow day today. Vancouver in all its vibrancy has succumbed way to easily to the dampening effect of a thick foot-and-a-half of snow (possibly an exaggeration, but then how accurate is a ‘foot’… I mean really?).  

I am LOVING it. 

Actually a foot-and-a-half might be a bit of an understatement, it is quite literally blizzard-ville out there. Everything has become so blanketed in white that everyday objects are outside floundering around in existential fits having lost all meaning, shape and form. Needless to say I almost joined them when after walking a block-and-a-half in a zigzag pattern I became completely and utterly disorientated. It only made matters worse when the snow-covered fire hydrant I thought was beside me, stood up, shook the snow off it’s coat and happily bounded off in the opposite direction leaving nothing but a trail of yellow snow and paw prints in its wake. 

I honest-to-god passed  people skiing down the road while out taking photos earlier. 

I have no other explanation for this bizarre turn of events than that I was obviously smoking mushrooms before going to sleep again and woke up embedded in a Lewis Carroll novel. Of sorts.
Soundtrack of choice:  Schlingen-Blangen by Charlemagne Palestine 
                                         Spiegel im spiegel by Arvo Part.

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